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Cybercrime, Cryptolaemus: The Log4j flaw now is used to spread Dridex

The Log4j flaw now is used to spread Dridex. The cybersecurity experts: The malware is the final payload dropped from the Log4Shell exploits

The Log4Shell Log4j vulnerability is now exploited by cybercrime actors to spread Dridex. It has been discovered by Cryptolaemus cybersecurity experts. The malware, the final payload, is a very dangerous banking Trojan, which has long been the protagonist of campaigns all over the world, especially with a courier theme. The targets are mainly companies, but not only. Usually, it is spread via phishing emails with an attachment. This, if opened, contacts a random url from an internal list and downloads the dll, which starts the infection. Furthermore, Dridex infections lead to ransomware attacks from operations linked to the Evil Corp.

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