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Cybercrime, Conti ransomware group asks Advantech a huge ransom: 13 mln

Conti (aka Ryuk) ransomware group asks Avantech a huge ransom, 13 mln, in the classic double extortion scheme

Advantech has been requested a huge ransom by the Conti (aka Ryuk) ransomware group: 13 million (750 Btc). This to avoid leaking stolen files (double extortion) and to provide a key to restore the encrypted files. Furthermore, the criminal hackers also promised to remove any backdoors from the company’s network, and that the stolen data would be permanently removed from their servers. Finally they would provide security tips on how to secure the network to prevent future infections. According to the cybersecurity expert Pierluigi Paganini, on November 21, 2020 the cybercrime gang announced the leak of stolen data if the the IIoT chip maker would not have paid the ransom within the next day. As proof of the capability to restore the data, malware operators are willing to decrypt two of the encrypted files. On November 26, leaking the data stolen begun: an archive of 3.03GB that accounts for 2% of the total amount of stolen data.


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