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Cybercrime, beware: Emotet campaign is working again

Beware: Emotet campaign is working again. Cryptolaemus cybersecurity experts detect new password-protected ZIP files and shortcuts. The command to create-execute VBS to install the malware works properly

Emotet campaign is running again with a new phishing campaign that unfortunately works. Recently, the cybercrime actors behind the malware spread malicious email attachments with a bug, which prevented users from being infected after opening it. Now, they have corrected the flaw and are distributing new password-protected ZIP files and shortcuts attachments. It has been discovered by Cryptolaemus cybersecurity experts, who in the past contributed to stop the spread of the malware, and who now are monitoring closely it’s evolutions. Today, in fact, the command to create and execute the VBS file, which download and install Emotet on victim’s machine, works properly. So, any email – especially the password-protected ones – has to be managed carefully.

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