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Cybercrime, 46% of C-level officers hit by spyware

Atlas VPN: 46% of C-level officers have been hit by cybercrime with spyware in 2019. The first country of origin is Russia. The reasons is the lack of resources that ensure productivity. Phishing has been the main threat to companies

C-level officers are suffering spyware cybercrime attacks. Senior management and C-suite executives are most likely to been hit from a malicious attack within the company. It has been discovered by Atlas VPN cyber security experts. According to a report, last year, 84% of C-level executives were cyber threat victims, with 46% of them being subject to a spyware aggressions. The first country of origin is Russia, that had the highest rate of spyware activity:  the region accounts for 25.6% potentially affected users. Moreover, spyware were the second most common threats, following phishing (54%). Also, 36% of chief executives suffered from ransomware incidents, 20%of DDoS attacks, while 12% were involved in a credential stuffing. The first reasons for the aggressions is the lack of resources that ensure productivity: C-level executives request disabling security protocols to have some tasks performed faster. 

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