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Cyberbullying has one more enemy: verified profiles

Cyberbullying has one more enemy: verified profiles. The false myth of impunity for criminals falls: they can be prosecuted and sentenced, even to years in prison

Cyberbullying perpetrators have one more enemy: verified profiles on social networks, which formalize their association with a real victim. Thanks to them, it becomes easier for the police to identify, investigate and prosecute harassers on social networks. Victims can still report their attackers online even if they do not have real profiles. The difference is that it could take longer to trace the identities of cyber bullies. Furthermore, they risk ending up in prison for several years, adding up the different types of crimes that they can commit online. in fact, more and more countries are adopting ad hoc laws or implementing those already in place. Objective: to effectively counter one of the most hateful and vile phenomena ever. Therefore, one of the false myths that those who commit these crimes are virtually unpunished falls, as some stalker-cyber bullies have learned at their expense, convicted of multiple crimes despite hiding behind fake profiles renewed several times with different names.

The phenomenon is growing on social networks, but things are starting to change. Today we can and must denounce

Cyber​bullying on social networks is increasingly common and spares no one: women, children, young people and even the elderly are harassed and for various reasons. Cyber ​​bullies have so far exploited the fact that in most cases victims do not report violence out of shame, fear for themselves or others, or simply because they know that stopping the harassers is theoretically difficult if not impossible. In reality, however, this is not the case. The police forces can intervene effectively thanks to the new laws and there are several associations able to help the victims, guaranteeing them anonymity and discretion. Not surprisingly, complaints have recently increased – including public, as we read more and more often on the web and social media – by those who have been harassed. However, there are still too many cases of those who still suffer violence but do not report it. Anyone who is aware of these incidents must report them, even if they do not directly concern him. Only in this way will we be able to help the victims find the courage to rebel and take their lives back in their hands.

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