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Cyber Warfare, XakNet offensive against the energy sector in Ukraine

XakNet launches an offensive against the Ukrainian energy sector. Pro-Russian hackers close to the GRU attack institutions, carriers and suppliers with DDoS. The operation is complementary to the Moscow military one: the objectives are shared

Pro-Russia hacker group XakNet has launched a cyber warfare offensive against the energy sector in Ukraine. The formation is divided into at least two units. The first deals with operations to compromise targeted networks, such as those of the Ministries of Finance, Defense and the Interior of Kyiv. The second, however, specializes in DDoS attacks. It is precisely the latter who is responsible for the campaign against the energy sector. The attacks target institutions, carriers and even companies that supply components. It’s not clear, however, if and which damages those attacks caused. Clearly, these are parallel and complementary operations to the military ones on the ground, which aim at the same objective. Not surprisingly, according to Mandiant, XakNet has close ties to the GRU, Moscow’s military intelligence service.

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