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Cyber Warfare, Russia will leave Internet. But it’s useless

Russia will leave Internet. But it’s useless. Moscow wants to counter “foreign propaganda” and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. However, Anonymous just bypassed the measures and the decision will anger a lot of people inside the country

Russia has announced that it will leave the Internet, passing by March 11 to “state” management of the web. The domain name systems (DNS) will be located on the territory of the Russian Federation, the public resources will be transferred from foreign hosts to Russian hosts, as well as the transfer public resources under the Russian domain name “.ru”. This move was decided by Moscow to combat hostile foreign “propaganda” and to reduce the risk of its critical infrastructures being subjected to cyber warfare attacks. Leaving the World Wide Web, will it be enough to lock down the country? No. Anonymous just showed that all the new measures are useless. It did opening a portal for sending SMS to Russian numbers to write directly to everyone what is happening in Ukraine. Furthermore, there will be ways to attack Russian networks. A USB key is enough. And cutting internet would anger a lot of people in the country.

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