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Cyber Warfare, new attacks on SCADA ICS of Russian companies

New attack on the SCADA ICS of Russian companies. The cyber warfare action, claimed by Thraxman of Op Khanjar (IT Army of Ukraine), knocked out a factory in Crimea. Just a few days ago another attack, inside Russia. Objective: to stop the invasion of Ukraine

New desruptive cyber warfare attack against Russian industries following the invasion of Ukraine. Op Khanjar member @Thraxman knocked out a Federation factory in Crimea, exploiting a flaw in its SCADA Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The sabotage is just the latest in a series that is targeting Russian programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which manage industrial processes. A few days ago the same hacker had attacked several targets, directly inside Russia. Thraxman and Op Khanjar are part of the IT Army of Ukraine, a volunteer collective of nearly a million people from all over the world, which has declared war on Vladimir Putin and will only stop its cyber offensives when the invasion ends. of Ukraine.

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