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Cyber Warfare, Killnet launches a DDoS attack on Romania

Killnet launches a DDoS attack on Romania. The pro-Russia group wants to “punish” the offer of maximum assistance to Ukraine. USA, Estonia, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic were also attacked for the same reason

Romania suffered a heavy DDoS-type cyber warfare attack by a pro-Russian hacker group called Killnet. The local cybersecurity incident response team (DNSC) confirmed it, pointing out that the targets were institutional sites. The attack started from a network outside the EU country, compromised thanks to the exploitation of some vulnerabilities. Killnet announced on Telegam that the attack was a response to the promise of the President of the Romanian Senate, Marcel Ciolacu, to provide Ukraine with the greatest possible assistance. The same formation, however, had also targeted the United States, Estonia, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as Ukraine for the same reason. However, the DDoS attack does not appear to have been of particular intensity or to have caused irreparable damage. The targeted websites, in fact, after a few hours of the attack resumed functioning normally.

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