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Cyber Warfare, Anonymous brings Iran to its knees over Mahsa Amini protests

Anonymous brings Iran to its knees over Mahsa Amini protests. On the one hand, the Anons hack the websites of banks, institutions and the regime media; on the other hand, they provide valuable aid to the demonstrators and Tehran is unable to stop them

Iran is unable to face the Anonymous offensive in the context of #OpIran, which is putting dozens of institutional and commercial sites out of use every day, inciting the population to continue in protests. These arose from the killing of Mahsa Amini by the religious police, but in a short time they turned into something different: a sort of “Arab spring” to end the regime. It is no coincidence that they are increasing in intensity, despite increasingly violent repression and censorship. The Anons, however, have come into play with a maxi-operation of cyber warfare, which acts on several fronts. In addition to the hacking of national sites (banks, institutions and the media of the regime), intense support activities for demonstrators have been added. Both to continue to communicate safely despite the blockades imposed by Tehran and to learn about the location and movements of the security forces in the Middle Eastern country.

Artwork by: KingK

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