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Cyber Security, Plastic Surgery Patients Exposed in Massive Data Leak

VpnMentor cyber security experts, discover a compromised database of over 1,000s of plastic surgery patients, belonging to NextMotion

1,000s of plastic surgery patients exposed in massive data leak. It has been discovered by vpnMentor cyber security experts, who found a breached database belonging to plastic surgery technology company France-based NextMotion. It provides clinics working in dermatology, cosmetic, and plastic surgery with digital photography and video devices for their patients. The compromised database contained 100,000s of profile images of patients, uploaded via company’s proprietary software. These were highly sensitive, including images of patients’ faces and specific areas of their bodies being treated. The private personal user data included Invoices for treatments, Outlines for proposed treatments, Video files, including 360-degree body and face scans, and Patient profile photos, both facial and body. The exposed paperwork and invoices also contained Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data of patients. This type of data can be used by cybercrime to target people in a wide range of scams, fraud, and online attacks.

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