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Cyber Security, Microsoft Defender now can download malware

The cyber security researcher, Mohammad Askar, discovered that Microsoft Defender now can be used to download malware. This following a recent update, that includes a new -DownloadFile command-line argument

Microsoft Defender could now be used to download malware and other files to a Windows computer. This, following a recent update of the command-line tool, that includes a new -DownloadFile command-line argument. It has been discovered by the cyber security researcher Mohammad Askar. According Bleeping Computer, this directive allows a local user to use the Microsoft Antimalware Service Command Line Utility (MpCmdRun.exe) to download a file from a remote location using the following command: MpCmdRun.exe -DownloadFile -url [url] -path [path_to_save_file]. The good news is that Microsoft Defender will detect malicious files downloaded with MpCmdRun.exe, but it is unknown if other Anti Virus software will allow this program to bypass their detections.

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