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Cyber Security, cybercrime targeted businesses 22 million times in last week

Atlas VPN cyber security experts: Cybercrime targeted businesses 22 million times in last week. malware is the first weapons of the aggressors, followed by C&C attacks and phishing. In the last 30 days the attacks were nearly 100 million

Cybercrime targeted businesses more than 22 million times during the last week (April 13-19) worldwide. Over 63% of these hacking attempts were malware aggressions. It has been discovered by Atlas VPN cyber security experts. On average, there were 3.26 million cyber attacks daily throughout last week and 2,070,297 exploited malicious code (63%). Phishing and C&C attacks comprised 11% and 26% of total attempts, respectively. During the last 30 days, cybercriminals tried to infiltrate corporate networks nearly 100 million times. Hackers targeted organizations with malware over 57 million times (almost 58% of the total aggressions). C&C attacks were the second most common type of cyber attack with over 27 million attacks, and phishing scams are the third (15 million in the same time-frame).

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