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Cyber Espionage, new Android spyware in Iran disguised as students app

The cybersecurity researcher bl4ckh0l3z : New Android spyware in Iran disguised as students app, which steals a lot of info. The malware is part of the ongoing Domestic Kitten internal operation

New Android spyware disguised as an app for students in Iran. It has been discovered by the cybersecurity researcher bl4ckh0l3z. It steals sms, call log, contacts, browser data, clipboard, apps, photo and files. Furthermore, the malware is able to geolocate the device, record calls and take photo and videos. It is part of the Domestic Kitten surveillance operation, born in 2016 and still active. The goal is, through the use of mobile applications, monitor and spy potential internal threats against the Islamic Republic. All the targets, in fact, are Iranians citizens. In this case the students, via their organizations.

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