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Christmas 2021, the latest fashion are gift-cards in cryptocurrencies and NFTs

The latest fashion for Christmas 2021 are cryptocurrencies gift cards and NFTs. The phenomenon, widespread among “crypto” enthusiasts, also extends to non-experts. It is an original gift idea and can give an even bigger surprise

The latest fashion in terms of Christmas gifts are no longer traditional gift cards, but those in cryptocurrency or even a digital artwork in Non-fungible token (NFT). In both cases, the recipient can choose whether to make them profit immediately or to wait with the hope that they will multiply their value in the future. Consequently, in addition to being an original idea, they can also turn into an investment for something more important. Especially if the respective markets were to leap forward. Furthermore, being linked to blockchains guarantees them the necessary cybersecurity to avoid the risk of nasty surprises. The phenomenon, which some call “Crypto Christmas”, has recently spread especially among Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc … enthusiasts, but is rapidly spreading to non-professionals as well.

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