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Between India-Pakistan is ongoing a cyberwar involving “patriot hackers”

Between India-Pakistan Is Ongoing A Cyberwar Involving “patriot Hackers”

There is a cyber conflict ongoing between patriot hackers of India and Pakistan. But Kerala cyber soldiers are more powerful

Between India and Pakistan the is a cyberwar ongoing, that involves “patriot hackers”. A couple of weeks ago a group identified as Fajal 1337 launched a cyber attack against the website of Kerala government ( Within a few hours, the Mallu Cyber ​​Soldiers responded in the same way. But with a “stylish” revenge. They hacked more than 250 internet sites and among them were the Pakistan Railway and the President’s websites. The Indian hackers stated that they are ready to strike again at any moment to defend their homeland from cyber enemies. The Mallu Cyber ​​Soldiers are well-know Indian hackers who have been fighting on the Web for years. Not only against Pakistan. They periodically denounce corruption in their country and conduct cyber campaigns against terrorism. In January they have compromised some websites, leaking personal details of different spies and terrorists, operating from India. Including one of the Islamic State.

Indian hackers released leaked informations on terrorists, including an Islamic State element, in the country. That for “patriotic feeling of being in mother India”

On their official Facebook page, Mallu Cyber Soldiers wrote on that occasion: “We sincerely thank all the national and international social media and channels who helped us relentlessly in making our mission a success. We produced to the public the photos, call records, messages, email, facebook details likewise the device ID used by the around 50 people including the Daesh terrorist who worked against the national security and the soldiers of India. It’s not the political war and the religious battle. It’s just patriotic feeling of being in mother India, by pledging the oath that the nation is the ultimate truth and goal of every true Indian. Here by we wish the most happy Republic Day regards to all fellow Indians”. In a short time, people involved in online fight against Daesh have shared on social media the messages on the hacker group, with details of Islamic State elements discovered.

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