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Belarus, political tensions boost waves of cyber attacks

Atlas VPN cyber security experts: Political tensions in Belarus boost waves of cyber attacks. The country in the last 31 days suffered 2.1 million aggressions. Part are for cyber espionage purpose, other for cybercrime

Belarus has been hit by waves of cyber attacks, while the political crisis continue to mount. According Atlas VPN cyber security researchers, the country faced over 2.1 million cyber attacks in the past 31 days (August 8th-September 7th), with an average of 68,567 per day. The day with most cyber attacks registered was August 24th. Belarus experienced 83,009 local infections, which is 21.06% above the average and account for close to 3.91% of all of the attacks directed in the complete period analyzed. The experts believe that the source are two: the firs one is political and aims to spy or conditionate the development of the tensions. The other is cybercrime. Criminal Hakers are trying to take advantage of the situation. The greatest threat is “DangerousObject.Multi.Generic,” malware that can make changes to a device’s system making it easier for hackers to steal private data.

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