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Anonymous declares war on the military junta in Myanmar

Anonymous declares war on the military junta in Myanmar. The hactivists target the government sites and help the population to communicate. Furthermore, they are creating a site to document the violent repression

Anonymous launches #OpMyanmar, a cyber warfare operation to fight the military coup in the Asian nation. With the hashtag #TangoDown, several sites of central institutions have already been blocked: from the National Bank to the Presidency. The pages were restored soon after, but the cyber offensive is mounting. Furthermore, the hactivists advise people on how to communicate safely with each other and with the outside world, bypassing the censorship on the Internet and mobile networks imposed by the Junta, and spread useful information on the police-military movements in the cities. The next targets will be many, included “dsinfo [.]” Org, the military’s main media propaganda vehicle. Moreover, Anonymous is also creating a site on GitHub, in which evidence on the violent repression of protests will be collected. This, so that the whole world can see what is really happening in the country.

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