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In Evidence

Cybercrime pays, especially it crooks use Sodinokibi (aka REvil)
Cyber security experts tracked the bitcoin payments made by the ransomware’s victims and concluded that some of the distributors of the malware earned millions from the scheme.
Iraq, ISIS wants to hit the Shiite pilgrims of Arbaeen
It’s confirmed by the latest ISF operations to thwart Islamic State attacks. Moreover, they’re not actions by individual Daesh militiamen, but an effort organized through a chain of command.
Cybercrime, Emotet group attacks companies with an external SOC
The cyber security expert Marco Ramilli, founder of Yoroi-Cybaze analyzed a mail on a “weekly report”. It hides a Word document within obfuscated Macros who drops-executes the malware.
Syria, Isis approaches the Al-Hol camp at Deir Ezzor
The Islamic State militiamen want to free their comrades, but the security of the SDF for now holds. Meanwhile, Iraq strengthens the borders to the northwest to prevent Daesh infiltration.
Cyber Security: IP hijackers could be traced in future
Researcher at MIT and University of California at San Diego (UCSD) developed a new machine-learning system. It illuminates some of the common qualities of the “serial hijackers.
Syria, SDF begin to hunt down the ISIS fugitives in the north-east
Clashes in Ain Issa between Kurdish forces-Islamic State militia. Damascus should send the SAA towards border with Turkey, but the war on Daesh in east will be fought only by Jazeera Storm.



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