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Syria, After The SDF Also The SAA Attack Isis East Of The Euphrates At Deir Ezzor
Syria, after the SDF also the SAA attack Isis east of the Euphrates at Deir Ezzor
The army of Damascus bombards the Islamic State’s posts, while Operation Round Up prepares the invasion of Hajin. In the meantime, Daesh loses also Suweida.
FBI Warns The Banks: Cybercrime Plans A Major Global Scale Cyber Attack On ATMs
FBI warns the banks: Cybercrime plans a major global scale cyber attack on ATMs
The Agency, as Krebs on Security reported, sent a confidential alert to organization, urging them to review their cyber security to counter this offensive.
Syria, The SDF Anti-Daesh Ground Offensive At Hajin Will Be Carried Out From 3 Axes
Syria, the SDF anti-Daesh ground offensive at Hajin will be carried out from 3 axes
Operation Round Up will attack the Islamic State from Al-Husseiniyah, Fish Khabur and Sousa. Daesh meanwhile tries to create a corridor in the Badia desert.
Ukraine, OSCE: Russia Is Using Electronic Warfare Systems In Donbas
Ukraine, OSCE: Russia is using electronic warfare systems in Donbas
The US: More evidence Moscow’s military is orchestrating the conflict in the region. The EW systems could have a double purpose: testing and disturbing.
Syria, Phase Two Of The SDF Offensive Against Isis At Hajin: Air Raids
Syria, phase two of the SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin: air raids
The defenses of the Islamic State are being bombed, awaiting for the ground maneuvers of the Operation Round Up at Deir Ezzor. At Suweida Daesh asks ransoms for civilians kidnapped.
Israel Raises Up A Young Army Of Cyber Warriors Against Foreign Threats
Israel raises up a young army of cyber warriors against foreign threats
The Education Minister announced an innovative program for high school seniors with National Cyber Directorate: 100 students will become hackers and 240 protectors.
Syria, The SDF Offensive Against Isis At Hajin Begins With The Launching Of Leaflets
Syria, the SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin begins with the launching of leaflets
Operation Round Up urges all the civilians to leave the areas controlled by the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor. Daesh tries to escape towards the west, while Suweida falls.
SATCOM Are At High Risk Of Cyber Attacks And Can Be Used As A RF Weapon
SATCOM are at high risk of cyber attacks and can be used as a RF weapon
Santamarta at Black Hat 2018: satellite communications, used by ships, planes and military are vulnerable. Hackers can use them to launch “cyber-physical attacks”.
Isis Is Fleeing From Syria: Hunted From Deir Ezzor To Suweida, To Idlib
Isis is fleeing from Syria: hunted from Deir Ezzor to Suweida, to Idlib
Operation Round Up besieges Islamic State at Hajin, the SAA at west. HTS arrests Daesh elements in north in view of the Damascus offensive, in which probably Hezbollah will take part.
US, Will Iran Launch A Cyber Warfare Campaign As A Retaliation Over The Sanctions?
US, will Iran launch a cyber warfare campaign as a retaliation over the sanctions?
Tehran could attack economic targets as "eye for the eye" with an enlarged cyber army, but not too much destructive. It can’t loose relations with EU.
Syria, The SDF Offensive Against Isis At Hajin Should Take Off In A Few Days
Syria, the SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin should take off in a few days
Operation Round Up could attack the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor already this week. Meanwhile, an assessment of the results of the anti-Daesh maneuvers in the MERV is being carried out.
Accenture: The Top 5 Key Areas That Are Influencing The Cyber Threat Landscape
Accenture: the Top 5 key areas that are influencing the cyber threat landscape
The cyber security experts indentified them in the “Cyber Threatscape 2018” report. They go from Iran to APTs, through supply chains and miner malware.
Syria, The SDF Offensive Against Isis At Hajin Is Imminent
Syria, the SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin is imminent
Operation Round Up receives over 200 more trucks of supplies in view of the attack against the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile the SAA tightens its grip on Daesh at Suweida.
The NATO Deterrence Posture Against The Cyber Threats
The NATO deterrence posture against the cyber threats
The Deputy Secretary General Gottemoeller: It’s impossible to imagine any conflict in the future that doesn’t include a substantial asymmetric dimension.
Syria, The SDF Won The Heart Of Isis Militiamen At Deir Ezzor With Their Humanity
Syria, the SDF won the heart of Isis militiamen at Deir Ezzor with their humanity
Thanks to the treatment they received in prison the Islamic State jihadists revealed locations of IEDs to Operation Round Up in the area. The SAA meanwhile attacks Daesh at Suweida.
La Social Engineering è Diventata L’arma Migliore Di Cybercrime E Hacker Malevoli
La social engineering è diventata l’arma migliore di cybercrime e hacker malevoli
Crescono le cyber truffe “Technical support fraud”, grazie alle info personali condivise dagli utenti sui social media. La falla diventa l’essere umano.
Social Engineering Become The Best Weapon For Cybercrime And Malicious Hackers
Social engineering become the best weapon for cybercrime and malicious hackers
The Technical support frauds are increasing, thanks to the personal info shared by users on social media. Pay attention, prevention is always better than cure.
How The US Are Countering The Foreign Cyber Threats To The Mid Term Elections
How the US are countering the foreign cyber threats to the Mid Term Elections
The FBI is working with an operational strategy of 3 pillars. The NSA gives support, and intelligence and informations on the cyber foreign adversaries.
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