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In Evidence

Cybercrime: here it comes ERMAC 2.0, a new malware for Android
ESET cybersecurity experts: It’s a banking trojan that has already targeted users from Poland, impersonating Bolt Food. Goal: to steal banking-cryptocurrency credentials.
Cybercrime, three AgentTesla campaigns in one day
Two are generic, but also arrived in Italy. The third is targeted. The compressed files contain an exe: the malware itself. Stolen data is exfiltrated via smtp.
Afghanistan, ISKP attacks Shiite pilgrims in Mazar-e-Sharif and civilians in Kabul
The pro-ISIS jihadists confirm that they want to extend their influence in the country and that the Taliban are not a credible threat against them.
Syria, clashes between pro-Turkey militias continue in Idlib
HTS arrests the deputy emir of Ansar al-Islam in Harim. The internal war for Ankara's resources intensifies.
Cybercrime, “NEW ORDER” campaign conveys AgentTesla
The zip attachment contains an exe file: the malware itself. Stolen data is exfiltrated via SMTP.

Restricted Area

“Restricted Area” is born: a new exclusive channel in Italian and English on the latest cyber security researcher JAMESWT hunting, documented with pictures. For the moment it’s open, but soon it will only be visible by subscription.



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