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The U.S. Defence Department Declares War On Fake News With The DARPA
The U.S. Defence Department declares war on fake news with the DARPA
The Agency researchers are working on an automated tool to detect manipulations and provide detailed information about how the files were altered.
Syria, Daesh Pressured By SDF At Deir Ezzor Attacks SAA At Mayadeen
Syria, Daesh pressured by SDF at Deir Ezzor attacks SAA at Mayadeen
The Isis militants try to regain the "Wilayat al-Khayr", taking advantage of the weakness of the army of Damascus. Meanwhile, Iraq bombards the Islamic State along the border.
The Pro-Turkey Female’s Botnets Are Fashionable In Syria
The pro-Turkey female’s botnets are fashionable in Syria
In the country is ongoing a propaganda campaign on social media to change the perception of Ankara and Olive Branch. The bait are fake girls profiles. The target: especially young males.
Syria, The SDF Campaign Against Daesh At Deir Ezzor Starts Again
Syria, the SDF campaign against Daesh at Deir Ezzor starts again
The Kurdish led forces, as well as securing the north and east of the province, are also containing Isis at Hajin and Dashisha, on the border with Iraq. The Coalition supports them from above.
The Hackers Challenge Daesh And His New Cyber Army
The hackers challenge Daesh and his new cyber army
The Di5s3nSi0N and DaeshGram groups publish content to mock Islamic State, after It has introduced the new cyberwarfare team: the Inghimasat dawlawiya team.
Syria Has Probably Undergone A Cyber Attack As Well As An Offensive With Missiles
Syria has probably undergone a cyber attack as well as an offensive with missiles
New strikes, to which the Damascus defenses react, prove to be false alarms. Someone however could have hacked the reporting and control centre. All eyes are concentrated on Usa and Israel.
Symantec, There Is An Explosion Of Cyber-attacks Related To Cryptocurrencies
Symantec, there is an explosion of cyber-attacks related to cryptocurrencies
The cybersecurity experts found in ISTR 2018 that cryptojacking increased 8,500%. Not only. Cybercrime starts using IoT devices to mine coins en masse.
Syria, And What If The Real Target Of The Usa-UK-French Attacks Was Iran?
Syria, and what if the real target of the Usa-UK-French attacks was Iran?
Various elements, together with the recent Israeli bombarding of the T4 base makes one assume that in the country there is a war against Teheran going on. And therefore that the gas is only a pretext.
Syria, The Third World War Was Averted By A Whisker
Syria, the Third World War was averted by a whisker
the Usa president, Donald Trump, had 3 options to chose from for the joint attack with UK and France against Damascus. If he had chosen one of the first two, all hell would have broken.
Jordan, Israel Re-opens The Embassy In Amman
Jordan, Israel re-opens the embassy in Amman
It was closed for 10 months after an incident in which a security guard killed two local men. The new Israeli ambassador in the Middle East country is Amir Weissbrod.
Cambridge Analytica Does Not Stop Cybercrime On Facebook. Rather
Cambridge Analytica does not stop cybercrime on Facebook. Rather
Malware Bytes discovers two cyber scams that exploit APP related to social media. One is mainly directed towards Finnish users. The other is generic. And there will be others.
Syria, The Danger Of A Third World War Remains Concrete
Syria, the danger of a Third World War remains concrete
After the last words of the President of the USA Donald Trump, the option is to wait for the naval groups to reach the area, before announcing an attack. The total war will depend on the targets.
Terrorism, UK Confirms Use Of Offensive Cyber Techniques Against Daesh
Terrorism, UK confirms use of offensive cyber techniques against Daesh
GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming: These cyber operations made a significant contribution to Coalition efforts to suppress Islamic State propaganda, hindered their ability to coordinate attacks, and protected forces on the battlefield.
New Malware Campaign Leverages Compromised Sites To Spread Fake Updates
New malware campaign leverages compromised sites to spread fake updates
Fire Eye: In some cases, the payload was the NetSupport Manager RAT. Malicious actors are using it to gain unauthorized access to victims’ machines.
Syria Getting Ready For A Total War, A Third World War
Syria getting ready for a total war, a Third World War
Two blocks are confronting each other. One is lead by Damascus and Russia. The other by Usa. The operations are already in progress on the social media and all the options are analyzed. From cyberwarfare to the PGMs.
What If The US Attack In Syria Will Be In The Cyber Domain?
What if the US attack in Syria will be in the cyber domain?
President Donald Trump is expected to take a decision. One hypothesis is taking hold: a cyber-offensive. No victims and no risks for the operators, with excellent chances of success.
Syria, Tension Is Dangerously High While Waiting For Trump’s Decision
Syria, tension is dangerously high while waiting for Trump’s decision
Russia attempts to block the signals of the Usa drones. Assad lines up anti missiles defense systems in Damascus and hides the aircrafts in the bases of Moscow. Israel places Iron Dome on the Golan Heights.
Syria At A Step From All-out War. Awaiting For Trump’s Decisions
Syria at a step from all-out war. Awaiting for Trump’s decisions
The question isn’t whether USA will reply to the gas attack of Damascus in Ghouta. But how they will do this. However, Assad does not seem worried and is getting ready to attack Daesh at al-Yarmouk.
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