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How And Why A Fake News Story Becomes Viral
How and why a Fake News story becomes viral
The process that transforms a hoax in a “phenomenon”, in particular on the social media, is simple. It is based on the vulnerability of the audience, and on the news/topics cycle.
Isis Chased Out Of Bahrah. SDF At Deir Ezzor Are Heading Further South
Isis chased out of Bahrah. SDF at Deir Ezzor are heading further south
Cizire Storm, also thanks to the International Coalition, reconquers the city and now plans to defeat Daesh at Hajin and Sha'fah. A huge blow for the Islamic State.
Syria, Isis Implodes At Deir Ezzor; Clashes Inside Islamic State At Sha’fah
Syria, Isis implodes at Deir Ezzor; clashes inside Islamic State at Sha’fah
Fights between militants due to the execution of 7 Daesh fugitives. The Islamic State, which is now present only in the province, is falling to pieces. There is no common strategy and the interests of the groups often diverge.
The EU Is Working On The Protection Of Air Transport From Cyber Attacks
The EU is working on the protection of air transport from cyber attacks
The European Union and the ENISA are organizing Cyber Europe 2018 (CE2018), a maxi exercise of cybersecurity against the dangers of the sector, posed by cybercrime, terrorism and state hackers.
Why Android Is The Preferred Target For Cyber Attacks On Mobile
Why Android is the preferred target for cyber attacks on mobile
On the web the are tons of APPS that allow even the less experienced to try to hack smarphones and tablets. From Thechincidents the Top List of them.
Sirya, New Batch Of Militias Is Arriving In Afrin. War With Turkey Is Closer
Sirya, new batch of militias is arriving in Afrin. War with Turkey is closer
New Units of Popolare Forces are deploying in Afrin city and Jinderes. But Olive Branch troops are appraching the city. Ankara will attack Assad forces or just increase pressure on kurds?
The French Government Tightens The Ranks On National Cybersecurity
The French government tightens the ranks on national cybersecurity
New measures for telecom operators and online service providers in the draft of Loi de programmation militaire (LPM) 2019-2025. They will be required to play a more active role in protecting communications with the help of ANSSI.
Syria, Isis Has Nearly Lost Bahrah While The SAA Is Ready To Invade Ghouta
Syria, Isis has nearly lost Bahrah while the SAA is ready to invade Ghouta
The SDF of Cizire Storm started to move again against Daesh in the city at Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, the Syrian army is recruiting fighters against HTS, even by force
Iraq, 10 Women Of Islamic State Sentenced To Life And 2 To Death
Iraq, 10 women of Islamic State sentenced to life and 2 to death
Turkish IS female member convicted to death penalty, as a German woman of Daesh. The French Melina Bougedir will be deported after 7 years in a Iraqi jail.
Syria, Isis Retreats In Bahrah Even Though The Rain Delays The SDF Offensive
Syria, Isis retreats in Bahrah even though the rain delays the SDF offensive
Cizire Storm temporarily interrupted the maneuvers at Deir Ezzor because of the very bad weather conditions. The SAA aims at east Ghouta, while Daesh and HTS fight each other in al-Yarmouk camp.
Fake News, We Are The Best Weapon Against It
Fake News, we are the best weapon against it
Fake News exists since journalism and espionage were born. It has been called deception, misinformation, “poisoned bait”, or hoax. Internet has only accelerated the spread of it. It's necessary to reconstruct the difference between information and opinion.
All Five Eyes Countries Have Blamed Russia For The NotPetya Cyber Attack
All Five Eyes countries have blamed Russia for the NotPetya cyber attack
USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have issued official statements on the malware aggression, pointing the finger on Moscow and condemning the cyberwarfare behaviour.
Syria, The SDF Move Against Isis Inside Bahrah
Syria, the SDF move against Isis inside Bahrah
Cizire Storm has entered the city and controls great part of it. The SAA, after the elimination of the Daesh pocket of resistance at Idlib, is getting ready to attack the jihadists south of Deir Ezzor.
Cuba, The Findings On The Specific Attacks Against US Government  Employees
Cuba, the findings on the specific attacks against US government employees
The doctors involved in evaluation and treatment wrote an article on JAMA: persistent dysfunction associated with reports of directional audible and/or sensory phenomena of unclear origin.
8 Easy Ways From McAfee To Protect Your Smartphone Against Cybercrime
8 easy ways from McAfee to protect your smartphone against cybercrime
Mobile phones today have become an indispensable tool and an integral part of families. But apart from benefits, they bring risk. With cyber attacks it’s possible to access the victims' most sensitive and personal informations.
Syria, Bad Day For Isis: SDF Move Towards Hajin And Daesh Ends In Idlib
Syria, bad day for Isis: SDF move towards Hajin and Daesh ends in Idlib
Cizire Storm conquered al-Bakaan south of Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, between 300 and 400 members of the Islamic State have surrendered to HTS. The pocket of resistance at Idlib eliminated.
Di5s3nSi0N Confirms That It’s Still Carrying On Cyber War Against Isis
Di5s3nSi0N confirms that it’s still carrying on cyber war against Isis
New Tweet from the muslim hackers group: Bombs left by Islamic State fighters before they ran away are being cleared, as we clear your waste on the internet.
Terrorism, Rosario Aitala: Isis Is Not Dead Yet And Is Searching New Horizons
Terrorism, Rosario Aitala: Isis is not dead yet and is searching new horizons
The Italian judge, newly elected member of the International Criminal Court, discusses with Defense and Security on the evolution of Daesh during the release of his book “the Method of Fear".
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