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Coronavirus, cybercrime created over fake 35,500 websites last month
Atlas VPN cyber security experts: The objective is to swindle money via phishing scams or selling masks, hand-sanitizers, virus testing kits. COVID-19 had an impact of people online shopping.
Syria: after water, Turkey uses again Isis as a weapon in the east
The TAF, blocked in Idlib, are still bombing the border of the buffer zone in Tal Abyad and Ain Issa. Ankara also releases a Daesh Emir. Objective: to increase the pressure on the SDF.
Cybercrime, Holy Water is targeting Asia since May 2019
Kaspersky cyber security experts: It’s a watering hole campaign, in which is used a creative toolset, two malicious JavaScript, and a modified version of the Stitch malware.
Syria, nervousness on Idlib truce grows. Turkey sends more reinforcements
Ankara deployed over 2,100 vehicles and 10,000 TAF soldiers to the province, in case of Spring Shield reactivating against Damascus. Erdogan, however, also continues to negotiate with Russia.
Cybercrime, IcedID banking Trojan is evolved with substantial changes
IBM cyber security experts: The malware spread via malspam with Office attachments. Files boobytrapped with malicious macros that launch infection routine, fetch and run the payload.
Syria, the Turkey-Damascus truce in Idlib begins to wobble
TAF and SAA exchange artillery shots between Saraqeb and inside of the province. Nervousness about coronavirus and situation on M4 is growing. Meanwhile, Russia is moving alone in the east.



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