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Usa, New Bill To Address The “supply-chain” Cyber And ICT Threats
Usa, new bill to address the “supply-chain” cyber and ICT threats
It’s the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act" (FASCSA). It creates a special council that will review software and services used by US agencies.
Syria, Is Something Moving Against Isis At Hajin? Leaflets Dropped On The City
Syria, is something moving against Isis at Hajin? Leaflets dropped on the city
Is an attack from SDF against the stronghold of the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor imminent? Meanwhile the SAA is gaining ground from Daesh in Badiya desert and at Suweida.
Israel, In A War With Iran The First Cyber Target Should Be The Energy Infrastructure
Israel, in a war with Iran the first cyber target should be the energy infrastructure
Former chief of Unit 8200 Schnerosen: It’s the major pillar economy, state's cardiovascular system. Moreover, Tehran must deal with scarce cyber defences.
For Isis In Syria Survival Is At Risk After The Recent Events
For Isis in Syria survival is at risk after the recent events
The SDF of Operation Round Up advance at Deir Ezzor, the Coalition also kills the head of the Daesh smuggling and the Islamic State is left without drugs.
The Cybercrime Group Prowli Infected 9,000 Companies Globally
The cybercrime group Prowli infected 9,000 companies globally
Guardicore: The malicious hackers conducted a wide-ranging campaign to attack more than 40,000 machines for cryptomining and traffic manipulation.
Syria, SDF At Deir Ezzor Are Pushing Isis Towards The Iraqi Border In MERV
Syria, SDF at Deir Ezzor are pushing Isis towards the Iraqi border in MERV
Operation Round Up presses the Islamic State at east Dashisha and Coalition deals 2 blows to Daesh:killing one leader and confiscating a maxi load of drugs.
Syria, Isis Militiamen Try To Escape From Deir Ezzor Towards Iraq
Syria, Isis militiamen try to escape from Deir Ezzor towards Iraq
The ISF block several defectors of the Islamic State at Qaim, the SDF move towards the MERV and the SAA attacks Daesh in the Badiya desert and at Suweida.
Here It Is Zacinlo, A Malware That Is Operating In Stealth Since 6 Years
Here it is Zacinlo, a malware that is operating in stealth since 6 years
Bitdefender: The malicious adware takes creenshots of users' desktops, can remove potential rivals and is continuously updated with new tools.
From North Korea A New Malware Against USA: It’s Dubbed Typeframe
From North Korea a new malware against USA: it’s dubbed Typeframe
The attack is part of Pyongyang’s Hidden Cobra cyber warfare and espionage campaign against United States and their allies.
Syria, Isis against SDF at Deir Ezzor lost Dashisha in less than 24 hours
Operation Round Up chases the Islamic State from the stronghold and is at 3 km from the Iraq border. Meanwhile it continues pressing Daesh in the south.
North Korea Stabilizes Relations With US And South Korea, But Not In Cyberspace
North Korea stabilizes relations with US and South Korea, but not in cyberspace
The cyber security researchers discovered a cyber attacks campaign against a Seoul think tank, connected to the Lazarus Group.
Syria, the SDF at Deir Ezzor are ready to attack Isis at Dashisha
Operation Round Up built humanitarian corridors and now waits for the ok for the anti-Daesh offensive. Meanwhile, Islamic State is being pressed at Badiya and Hajin.
Iraq, The ISF Kill Isis’ “Man In Black” In Kirkuk And Aides
Iraq, the ISF kill Isis’ “Man in Black” in Kirkuk and aides

The Islamic State loses one of its top leader in Kitkuk: The Man in Black…

The Satellites Are At Risk Of Been Used As A Vector For Cyber Attacks
The satellites are at risk of been used as a vector for cyber attacks
Trend Micro wrote an analysis on the threats generated “up and down” to the global cyber security. Especially due the low radio-related security.
Syria, SDF at Deir Ezzor launch the offensive to chase Isis out of Dashisha
As soon as the humanitarian corridors are ready, Operation Round Up will attack the Islamic State stronghold. Meanwhile Daesh executes its own people.
UK Shields The England Football Team Against Cyber Threats During FIFA World Cup 2018
UK shields the England Football Team against cyber threats during FIFA World Cup 2018
NCSC briefed the National Team on what to do and what to avoid to increase the cyber security. And distribuited a special burn phone to counter Russian hackers.
Syria, The SDF At Deir Ezzor Surround Isis At Dashisha And Attack Hajin
Syria, the SDF at Deir Ezzor surround Isis at Dashisha and attack Hajin
The Operation Round Up continues to advance rapidly along the two eastern axes, which will shortly join to hit the Islamic State. Meanwhile, Daesh attempts again to escape towards the west.
The Boom In Cyber Job Offers Is Indirectly Helping Cybercrime
The boom in cyber job offers is indirectly helping cybercrime
In the sector there is a huge turnover rate and a war to hire the best workforce, that penalizes cyber security of the companies instead of strengthening it.
USA Fascsa Fasc Bill Supplychain Ict Cyberthreats Slingshot Cyberspionaggio Cyber Kaspersky Malware Trojan Mena Mediooriente Nordafrica Sicurezzainformatica Cybersecurity Coreadelnord Pyongyang Kimjongun Adobeflash Ruhappy Tempreaper Zeroday Cyber Notiziecyber Coree Cyberwarfare Cyberarmy Sicurezzainformatica Cybersecurity Monitor Hacker Cyber Cybersecurity Notizie Redbaloon Defcon Cyberwarfare Firmware Siria Syria Deirezzor Hajin Isis Daesh Statoislamico Islamicstate Leaflets Merv Sdf Jazeerastorm Operationroundup Inherentresolve Middleeast Israel Iran Tehran Stuxnet Ciscoswitches Islamicrepublic Energy EhudSchnerosen Energyinfrastructure Cyberwar Cyberwarfare Israele IEC Hacker Cyber Attacchi Electric Transformer Grid Rete Elettrica Cybersecurity Attacchi Informatici Quadrennial Energy Review Siria Syria Hajin Jazeerastorm Islamicstate Inherentresolve Iraq Isf Dashisha Fughedimassa Saa Syrianarmy Yarmouk Isis Shishani Syria Cecenia Kirkuk Albaghdadi–iraq Isil Merv Deirezzor 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