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In Evidence

Cybercrime, new wave of the Docusign phishing campaign via contract
The link in the email points to a fake Word page where the user is pre-set and only the password needs to be entered. Warning, it's a scam!
Middle East, Iraq seals borders with Turkey and Iran
Baghdad sends reinforcements and equipment to counter growing violations of its national sovereignty. Kurdistan, on the other hand, receives international aid for security.
Cybercrime, credentials of around 500 million WhatsApp users are exposed
Check Point cybersecurity experts: The leaked database is a re-use of an older 2019 Facebook leak, but it’s still dangerous for vishing and smishing.
Cybercrime, beauty products are the new vehicle for AgentTesla
The rar attachment in the fake email from a real UK company contains an exe: the malware. The stolen data is exfiltrated via FTP to a domain in Iran.
Ukraine, Russia restricts naval circulation on the Northern Sea Route
According to a new law, only 1 foreign vessel will be able to pass at a time and notify it 3 months in advance. Also, submarines will have to navigate on the surface.
Cybercrime, Lazarus spreads Applejeus via fake cryptocurrency apps
Volexity cybersecurity experts: The North Korea’s APT uses a fake trading website, that mimic a legit one, and DLL Side-loading to distribute the malware.

Restricted Area

“Restricted Area” is born: a new exclusive channel in Italian and English on the latest cyber security researcher JAMESWT hunting, documented with pictures. For the moment it’s open, but soon it will only be visible by subscription.



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