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In Evidence

Cybercrime, Pikabot is distributed via malicious search ads
Malwarebytes cybersecurity experts: The malware campaign exploits Google searches on AnyDesk with a decoy site and a legitimate marketing platform.
Yemen, the Houthis declare war on Operation Prosperity Guardian
Pro-Iran militiamen announce that they will also attack US military ships. Meanwhile, the new task force is preparing to operate, alongside the EU missions Atalanta and Irini.
Cyber Espionage, Seedworm targeted TLC organizations in Africa
Symantec cybersecurity experts: The pro-Iran APT (aka Muddywater) used a variety of tools in this activity, including MuddyC2Go, SimpleHelp and Venom Proxy.
Operation Prosperity Guardian will protect commercial vessels in the Red Sea
The US-led Coalition will be made up of 10 countries, including Italy. It will escort possible targets and attack Houthi threat sources in Yemen.
Cybercrime, “your photos and videos will be deleted” phishing campaign
The bait is the false exhaustion of iCloud space. Objective: to steal sensitive personal data and money from the victim.
Yemen, USA and international community ready to strike Houthis on the ground
The Pentagon sends large naval assets to the quadrant. There are 2 options: attacks by sea and air if possible. Otherwise, the use of special forces for surgical raids.

Restricted Area

“Restricted Area” is born: a new exclusive channel in Italian and English on the latest cyber security researcher JAMESWT hunting, documented with pictures. For the moment it’s open, but soon it will only be visible by subscription.



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