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In Evidence

NATO tight its ranks against the Covid-19 linked cyber attacks
Statement on the cybercrime and cyber espionage aggressions. “We are determined to employ the full range of capabilities to deter, defend against and counter the full spectrum of cyber threats”.
Syria, SDF launch a maxi operation against Isis in Deir Ezzor
The maneuvers with Inherent Resolve cooperation are the most impressive since months. Objective: to dismantle the Daesh network between south of Hasaka.
Cyber Warfare, NSA: Sandworm is exploiting a flaw in Exim MTA
The cyber security experts: Russia military cyber actors use the vulnerability to add privileged users, disable network security settings, execute additional scripts for further network exploitation.
Syria, Russia reappears in Idlib to target pro-Turkey militias
Second raid since the start of the truce 3 months ago. Moscow bypassed Ankara and begins to operate independently. Meanwhile, Erdogan uses the weapon of water to threaten the population.
Italians do it Better, SecurityAffairs Best European Cyber security Technical Blog
The Pierluigi Paganini’s creature first at the European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards. The prize has been organized by Eskenzi PR and sponsored by Qualys.
Syria, the SAA launches a surprise offensive south of Idlib
Damascus tries to push the militias towards the M4, so that Turkey is forced to intervene. Ankara meanwhile controls Ariha and deploys Atilgan anti-aircraft defense systems.



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