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In Evidence

Covid-19, face masks deceive the facial recognition algorithms
NIST cyber security experts: Error rates varied from 5% to 50%, depending on their capabilities. Blacks one double rates than light-blue. However the tests have been made with digital masks only.
Syria, SAA surprise offensive against Latakia and Idlib militias
The army is pressing on the Haddadah front, but there is currently no progress. Meanwhile, reinforcements arrive south of Barah. Is the aim to distract rebels or a stealth invasion?
Cyber Security, new cybercrime phishing campaign exploits DHL
The lure is a receipt for a parcel, that must be printed and shown to the delivery agent when the parcel would arrive. But the attachment is a malware. Beware!
Isis, double Heroes of Iraq offensive in Mosul and Diyala
22 Islamic State militiamen captured only in July. The ISF are preparing for new raids, based on some lessons learned, while attacking Daesh also in Kirkuk.
Cyber Security, BootHole put Windows and Linux devices at risk
Eclypsium: It’s a vulnerability in the GRUB2 bootloader, that hit devices using Secure Boot. Attackers can install persistent and stealthy bootkits or malware.
Syria, the SAA is preparing for a land invasion south of Idlib
First there was a massive raid campaign, then tanks and infantry movements. Objective: Barah. Anadolu: Egypt has sent 150 soldiers to support Damascus, but the news is not confirmed.



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