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In Evidence

Cybercrime, the first threat to macOS is the Shlayer trojan
Kaspersky's cyber security experts: Malware is detected on one in ten computers. In addition, although it has evolved little since 2018, the attack trend has remained constant.
Syria, a maxi-load of Captagon for Isis seized
Maghaweir Al-Thowra blocks 450 kilos of hashish and phenethylline, destined to the Islamic State in Badia al-Sham and Deir Ezzor. Daesh uses them to resist hunger and make it better in battle.
Cybercrime, 16Shop prolific phishing campaign has expanded
Zerofox cyber security experts: It runs similarly to software as-a-service (SaaS) products and it’s targeting Paypal, Apple, Amazon and other platforms. The aim is credential theft.
Iraq-Syria, ISF send reinforcements to block ISIS infiltrations on the border
Sinjar is above all involved. Islamic State militia fled the SDF camps in the neighboring country, where the pressure is greater. It is no coincidence that Daesh attacks at checkpoints increase.
Cyber Security, Citrix released the patch for the CVE-2019-19781 vulnerability
It covers the flaw in Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Gateway. It’s imperative to install it now. Meanwhile, cybercrime tried to exploit it, also with fake security tools as NOTROBIN.
Iraq, Isis now has to deal with infiltrators as well
ISF dismantle a cell of the Islamic State, which operated in Mosul, insinuating inside. This will increase the climate of mistrust within Daesh and reduce its operational capacity.



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