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NASA has been hacked thanks to a Raspberry Pi device
The Agency suffered a hug data breach with approximately 500 MB of data related to Mars missions stolen. The cyber security experts: It’s the work of an APT.
Sub-Saharan Africa, civil Task Forces increasingly concern governments
Born to protect communities from terrorism and criminals, they have become a threat. From CJTC in Nigeria to Arrow Boys in Uganda, to Zende in South Sudan to Kamajors in Sierra Leone.
Iran hackers increase cyber attacks against US. Will a cyber war begin?
The cyber security experts: Targets are government and critical infrastructures, as oil and gas. But this happened before CYBERCOM strike. There are risks of back-and-forth cyber warfare.
Syria, Isis still attacks the SAA in Deir Ezzor to open new routes towards east
The army was ambushed by the Islamic State in the Mayadeen desert. After Jazeera Storm's SDF increased vigilance, Daesh has to find new accesses from the Euphrates.
Cyber Espionage: Waterbug targets governments with a new toolset
Symantec cyber security experts: The group, aka Turla, launched 3 campaigns: one with Neptun malware, another with Meterpreter and the last one with custom RPC backdoor.
Syria, the SDF create Military Councils to protect cities from Isis
At least 11 were born, from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor, to coordinate anti-Daesh operations in every Kurdish territory. The baptism of fire is the ongoing hunt to the Islamic State cells.
New version of Ryuk ransomware to better protect Russia from encrypting
MalwareHunterTeam cyber security experts discover a variant of the ransomware that adds IP and Computer Name blacklisting. Probably behind it there is still GRIM SPIDER cybercrime group.
Syria, the SDF launch a maxi operation against Isis cells across Deir Ezzor
Jazeera Storm attacks the Islamic State militia in Marat, Manbij, al-Shuhayl, al-Namliyyeh and Abu Nitel. Manhunt in Raqqa for the Daesh group responsible of the Al Naim Square attack.
Cyber Espionage, Bouncing Golf is targeting Middle Eastern countries
Trend Micro cyber security expert: So far observed more than 660 Android devices infected with GolfSpy malware. Much of the information being stolen appear to be military-related.
Syria, new SDF anti-Isis operation in Deir Ezzor: blitz inside Dhiban
Jazeera Storm is hunting a big Islamic State cell. In Hama and Idlib the SAA does not unblock the situation. Rather. It’s committed to stopping the HTS-Daesh and rebel counterattack.
Cybercrime, GandCrab has been beaten maybe definitely
Cyber security experts share free a new decryption tool for the latest version of the ransomware family on NoMoreRansom, the V5.2. The malware should also close at the end of the month.
Cybercrime attacks Italy with Nanocore RAT, protected by a Delphi wrapper
Yoroi-Cybaze ZLAB cyber security experts: The malware infection chain starts with a email claiming to come from a well known Italian Bank, armed with a weaponized attachment.
Syria, maxi SDF operation against Isis cells in Raqqa
Jazeera Storm dismantles one of the most important local Islamic State groups. Meanwhile, Damascus launches a new offensive against HTS, Daesh and the rebels in Hama.
Cybercrime, wave of spam in the EU with RTF documents armed with malware
Microsoft cyber security experts: the goal is to spread a backdoor Trojan, exploiting an old vulnerability. Probably there will be new malspam campaigns with same characteristics.
Syria, the SDF against Isis pass from a war posture to counter-terrorism
Jazeera Storm-AA will work in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor for restoration of services for population and better security against Daesh. Meanwhile it’s confirmed that Islamic State burns crops for profits.
Ursnif, the malware that has been targeting Italy since 2018, is evolving
Yoroi-Cybaze ZLab cyber security experts: Threat Actors implement country-checks and over 10 levels of code obfuscation, in addition to a new steganography technique for Windows 10.
Syria, Isis in Deir Ezzor attacks the SAA to open new routes towards East
The Islamic State militiamen are aiming to cross the Euphrates in Qouriya. Across the river, the SDF dismantle a large Daesh cell in Jurdi while continuing to fight crop fires.
Cyber espionage, MuddyWater has updated it’s POWERSTATS backdoor
Trend Micro cyber security experts: The Iranian state-sponsored APT is using new tools and payloads, which indicates that it’s continuously developing the schemes.

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