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In Evidence

Cybercrime, Emotet returns to strike with stolen email conversations
New messages with compressed attachment, which contains a .doc file. This, if opened, contacts a link from an internal list that downloads the malware from the Epoch 2 botnet.
Cybercrime, imminent threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers
It has been denounced by FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity experts: It could arrive from Russian Ryuk ransomware gang.
Syria, Turkey massively transfers forces to Kurdistan
Ankara also demobilizes Sher Magher’s observation point, diverting part of the resources to the East. Meanwhile, the SAA has resumed bombing south of Idlib.
Cybercrime, Dridex hides behind fake Amazon emails
The bait is a shipping receipt, attached as an .xlsm file. This, if opened, contacts a random link from an internal list and downloads a DLL, which starts malware infection.
Cyber Espionage, Kimsuky North Korea’s hackers exposed
US CISA, FBI, and CNMF cybersecurity experts: APT employs common social engineering tactics, spearphishing, and watering hole attacks to exfiltrate information.
Syria, Turkey continues to push on the M4 in Kurdistan
New military garrisons west of Tal Tamr, and drones arrive. From Hasaka to Deir Ezzor, however, infections from Covid-19 are growing. From Ankara to Isis, concern increases.

Restricted Area

“Restricted Area” is born: a new exclusive channel in Italian and English on the latest cyber security researcher JAMESWT hunting, documented with pictures. For the moment it’s open, but soon it will only be visible by subscription.



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