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In Evidence

Cybercrime, quarantined emails are the latest phishing bait
Global campaign targets fake webmail site. Objective: to steal the credentials of the victims.
Cybercrime, new Dridex campaign via couriers and Cutwail
Fake xlsm invoice, distributed by the botnet, contacts random links from an internal list and download the malware.
Cyber Espionage, new Android spyware in Iran disguised as students app
The cybersecurity researcher bl4ckh0l3z: It steals a lot of info. The malware is part of the ongoing Domestic Kitten internal operation.
Syria, Isis attacks the SAA south of Deir Ezzor from behind
IS ambush on a bus in Shula, while the bulk of the clashes are concentrated on Deir Ezzor-Homs highway. Damascus hopes in Russian soldiers.
Cybercrime, new phishing campaign on purchase orders
Fake xls attachment directs the victim to a malicious html file, where it asks to enter credentials to open the file. Objective: to steal them.
Cybercrime, Avaddon ransomware group adopts DDoS attacks on victims
It’s the third threat actor, after SunCrypt and RagnarLocker, that adopt the “Triple Extortion” strategy to increase pressure on malware victims.

Restricted Area

“Restricted Area” is born: a new exclusive channel in Italian and English on the latest cyber security researcher JAMESWT hunting, documented with pictures. For the moment it’s open, but soon it will only be visible by subscription.



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