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In Evidence

Sea Turtle campaign is harvesting credentials in Middle East and North Africa
Cisco Talos cyber security experts: At least 40 organizations across 13 different countries were compromised by a state-sponsored actor who exploits DNS hijacking.
Syria, the Isis foreign fighters held by the SDF reached 2,000
It is the result of the Jazeera Storm manhunt against the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor. Anti-Daesh offensives also continue in Iraq on the Hamrin mountains.
Gnosticplayers is back with a new batch of 65.5 million leaked records
The cyber security experts: There will be a rise of cybercrime attacks in the next future. The stolen data come from 6 breached companies and include user’s physical address.
Iraq, Isis ad Hamrin is closed in a siege by Baghdad troops
The ISF, after taking the streets of Diyala that lead to the mountains, tighten the circle on the Islamic State. Syria, the SDF at Deir Ezzor intensify the hunt for the Daesh fugitives.
Scranos rootkit spyware operation is infecting victims worldwide
Bitdefender cyber security experts: cybercrime steals credentials and payment accounts from popular services, exfiltrate browsing history and cookies, and execute any malware.
Iraq, ISF dismantle an ISIS cell that supplied SIM cards to militia in the desert
The group had over 600 SIMs and worked to facilitate contacts between Daesh fugitives in Syria and in Anbar. Meanwhile, SDF at Deir Ezzor increase border surveillance.
Here it comes Baldr, a new stealer on the wild…and on the market
Malwarebytes cyber security experts: The malware is linked with Arkei and it is in great demand by cybercrime. It’s dangerous and evolving.
Terrorism, the evolution of Isis and Al Qaeda: from Somalia to Afghanistan
Third chapter of a study on the history of the two groups, in order to understand why they share the same roots and purposes, aimed at recreating the Caliphate. Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and the Taliban for Global Jihad.
Ukraine, mystery on a weaponized document on elections. APT28 or not?
Yoroi-Cybaze cyber security experts: It contains Emotet malware and should linked to Russian hackers. But some elements are confusing and need to be deepened.
Iraq, Isis loses its commander to Hamrin in the ISF offensive
The operation against the Islamic State and its shelters in Diyala continues. Syria, Russian raids in Badia Al-Sham against Daesh: the militants attacked a SAA convoy in Deir Ezzor.
North Korea, Lazarus hackers are back with HOPLIGHT
The US cyber security experts: It’s a new Trojan with 9 files infected. Seven of them are "proxy applications that mask traffic between malware and the remote operators.
Iraq, an anti-ISIS maxi operation starts on the Hamrin mountains in Diyala
Objective: to eliminate the Islamic State group in the area and its network of tunnels. In Syria, SDF continue to hunt Daesh sleeper cells from Raqqa to Deir Ezzor.
Cyber Security: “Yomi: The Malware Hunter” becomes “public”
The “all italian” Yoroi-Cybaze sandbox will be shared for free with the InfoSec community. This to increase global cooperation against the threat.
Syria, SDF: Isis’s new safe haven is in Afrin thanks to Turkey
It could host jihadists fleeing from Idlib after the breakup with HTS. Meanwhile, Iraq offers to try the Daesh foreign fighters in the hands of Jazeera Storm at Deir Ezzor.
Cybercrime: new variant of GoBrut malware targets Unix systems via WordPress
Alert Logic cyber security experts: It exploits an ELF variant and multiple C2 servers. The actor behind is Magecart group and the threat is growing.
Syria, Isis tries to take revenge on SDF by hitting Raqqa civilians
New attack in the former capital of the Caliphate. Jazeera Storm, however, hunts the Islamic State sleeper cells. In Iraq, ISF target Daesh facilitators to disrupt support.
Cybercrime, mass phishing campaigns to spread 10 malware
Bromium cyber security experts: More than a dozen US-based web servers were used to host families: 5 banking trojan, 2 ransomware and 3 information steeler.
Syria, maxi SDF operation against Isis sleeper cells in Raqqa
Jazeera Storm has also initiated similar actions in Deir Ezzor. Objective: to block the growing wave of hit and run Islamic State attacks and to clean up the region from Daesh.

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